WD's links:

 artmetic - monoalgorithmic computer graphics
 Big Hiss - horn torus model, explanatory video
 Dorntorus - eine ‘Geometrie für Alles’, deutsch
 horntorus.de - mathematical analogous model
 horntorus.com - geometry of everything, English
 mathematical universe - one mathematical code
 Kunstlege - Ausstellung Digitale Kunst, bis 2012
 D-EHMD - Diamond DA40-180 Bildersammlung
 8128.info - ten most interesting 4-digit numbers
 ResearchGate - publications (horn torus model)
 invitation - close encounter with the 'real world'
 YouTube - compilation of dynamic horn tori (3 min)
 S/Y funtom - Segeln in der Karibik, 1992 - 2000
 Wetter - Links zu Flug- und allg. Wetterdiensten
 WD - Impressum für einige meiner Webseiten
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WD 10/2020
my websites (11 different URLs) consist of more than 10.000 files as text, images and animations in ca. 170 folders
(to find the links to relevant pages, you have to search a little bit and use funtom as name of my boat :-)